• Q Do you require the Zero Gravity option?

    A This will lower your heart rate, reduce your tension and boost your healthy circulation.Choose more massage power options: The higher the number of motors the chair has, the power it can enforce while providing massage. You should go for more power option, because gradually or in cases, more power would be required.
  • Q Does the chair offer heated massage?

    A Modern massage chairs do not leave this option. Many people require some infrared heat to relieve muscles pains.
  • Q Does the chair offer Massage airbags?

    A If you need a powerful relief from stiffness and tension you require this option. Airbags are small pouches that compress the muscles and help stimulate blood flow.
  • Q What are the Massage Positions?

    A Will the chair massage leg, foot, arm, wrist and all vital massage areas?
  • Q What are the Massage Functions?

    A Good chairs will go beyond rolling, tapping, kneading, shiatsu, reflexology, vibration, an all-inclusive menu of pre-programmed functions, heat and even functions like Zero Gravity and Inversion Therapy.
  • Q Could a massaging chair be hazardous for me?

    A Although a massage chair offers many benefits, you should be aware of any risk, and therefore, I’ll urge you to consult with your doctor to avoid overusing it or misusing any of its features.
  • Q Is the warranty a good one?

    A Yes, You’ll also want to be sure you’re not losing your money.
  • Q Does the chair offer the features I need?

    A You need to know what you want. If you love Heat, Rolling, Vibration, Compression, etc. look for the one with the features of your interest.
  • Q Will the chair fit my body type?

    A They are made to fit people of different sizes and shapes. You only need to consider the length because some backs are longer than others.
  • Q How much room do I have?

    A Ensure that there is enough space behind the chair.
  • Q Advantages of massage therapy?

    A Massage therapy is great way to bring back the normal blood circulation on your body because it increases your blood's oxygen capacity by 10-15%. Also, it is very great to release toxins on your body that causes your stress.
  • Q What is a Chair Massage?

    A A chair massage is a massage performed in a special chair, with theclient upright and fully clothed. This type of massage focuses onthe back, shoulders, neck, and arms.
  • Q Are massage chairs bad for you?

    A No. They are not bad for you. Getting a massage on a massage chair is a bit different than lying on a table. For example, the massage will be shorter and will focus more on rejuvenating and energizing you so you can feel refreshed rather than sedated, which is more likely going to happen in a longer massage. 

    If you are a practitioner, then they are not bad for you as long as you know how to use them and set your massage program. Also, which brand are you buying. I own a massage chair from Boncare which I use regularly and it hasn't caused any problems for me. Boncare Massage Chairs are really worth the spend.
  • Q Who is the Massage Chair suitable for?


    The massage chair is suitable for most people except the following:

    • pregnant ladies,
    • people with Osteoporosis
    • people with pace makers
    • people with broken bones
    • people who have had a recent surgery

    There are also the following height and weight restrictions:

    • User weight limitations: 30-120kg
    • User height restrictions: 1.2m - 2.0m
  • Q Do you price match?

    A Our mission is to give you the lowest price possible. If you were to find the same product at a lower price, please contact a sales representative to see if we can match it. 
  • Q Do you offer a quantity discount?

    A Yes, we offer quantity discounts. Please call to get a quote.
  • Q Is the massage pillow powered by a battery (or optional) or just a plug?

    A It can be operated wirelessly, very safe and convenient
  • Q Does it makes loud noise?

    A No, it's quite quiet
  • Q Does it works in India (220 Volts)

    A Hi there, this massager supports 100-240v. 
  • Q What does the chair weigh?

    Hi,thank you for inquiry about Real Relax massage chair. Its package weight is about 200LB.
    Hi,thank you for inquiry about Real Relax massage chair. Its package weight is about 200LB.


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