Trade FAQ

  • Q Does the chair offer heated massage?

    A Modern massage chairs do not leave this option. Many people require some infrared heat to relieve muscles pains.
  • Q Advantages of massage therapy?

    A Massage therapy is great way to bring back the normal blood circulation on your body because it increases your blood's oxygen capacity by 10-15%. Also, it is very great to release toxins on your body that causes your stress.
  • Q Are massage chairs bad for you?

    A No. They are not bad for you. Getting a massage on a massage chair is a bit different than lying on a table. For example, the massage will be shorter and will focus more on rejuvenating and energizing you so you can feel refreshed rather than sedated, which is more likely going to happen in a longer massage. 

    If you are a practitioner, then they are not bad for you as long as you know how to use them and set your massage program. Also, which brand are you buying. I own a massage chair from Boncare which I use regularly and it hasn't caused any problems for me. Boncare Massage Chairs are really worth the spend.
  • Q Do you price match?

    A Our mission is to give you the lowest price possible. If you were to find the same product at a lower price, please contact a sales representative to see if we can match it. 
  • Q Do you offer a quantity discount?

    A Yes, we offer quantity discounts. Please call to get a quote.
  • Q Does it works in India (220 Volts)

    A Hi there, this massager supports 100-240v. 
  • Q What does the chair weigh?

    Hi,thank you for inquiry about Real Relax massage chair. Its package weight is about 200LB.
    Hi,thank you for inquiry about Real Relax massage chair. Its package weight is about 200LB.
  • Q Commercial massage chair you sell it?

    A Yes, check out some of our products:https://boncare.en.alibaba.com/
  • Q Can I purchase accessories to repair it by myself?

    A In order to maintain the quality of our products, we do not recommend the maintenance of unauthorized personnel.
    Please note that any unauthorized repair will invalidate your product warranty.
    If you need help, please let us know and we will solve the problem for you.
  • Q What should I do when I have problems with the product?

    ThePlease refer to the product instruction manual first. If the problem persists, please contact us.
    You can contact us by:
    Service hotline: 0579-88860076
    Submit online service application via email
  • Q What is the difference between “FOB” and "CIF "

     FOB – Free on Board (or Freight on Board). This basically means that the cost of delivering the goods to the nearest port is included but YOU, as the buyer, are responsible for the shipping from there and all other fees associated with getting the goods to your country/address.
    CIF – Cost, Insurance and Freight. In this case, the price also includes sea freight charges and insurance to deliver the goods to YOUR nearest port. But only to the port – from that point onwards, you take the shipment into your hands.
  • Q What is "FOB" Price


    FOB, "Free On Board", is a term in international commercial law specifying at what point respective obligations, costs, and risk involved in the delivery of goods shift from the seller to the buyer

    under the 
    Incoterms 2010 standard published by the International Chamber of Commerce. FOB is only used in non-containerized sea freight or inland waterway transport. As with all Incoterms,

    FOB does not define the point at which ownership of the goods is transferred.

    The term FOB is also used in modern domestic shipping within the USA to describe the point at which a seller is no longer responsible for shipping cost.

    Ownership of a cargo is independent from Incoterms. In international trade, ownership of the cargo is defined by the bill of lading or waybill.

  • Q What’s the delivery time?

    A  It usually takes about 20 days to process for container order .Sample order within one week working days.


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