Industry FAQ

  • Q Is the warranty a good one?

    A Yes, You’ll also want to be sure you’re not losing your money.
  • Q Does the chair offer the features I need?

    A You need to know what you want. If you love Heat, Rolling, Vibration, Compression, etc. look for the one with the features of your interest.
  • Q Will the chair fit my body type?

    A They are made to fit people of different sizes and shapes. You only need to consider the length because some backs are longer than others.
  • Q How much room do I have?

    A Ensure that there is enough space behind the chair.
  • Q What is a Chair Massage?

    A A chair massage is a massage performed in a special chair, with theclient upright and fully clothed. This type of massage focuses onthe back, shoulders, neck, and arms.
  • Q Who is the Massage Chair suitable for?


    The massage chair is suitable for most people except the following:

    • pregnant ladies,
    • people with Osteoporosis
    • people with pace makers
    • people with broken bones
    • people who have had a recent surgery

    There are also the following height and weight restrictions:

    • User weight limitations: 30-120kg
    • User height restrictions: 1.2m - 2.0m
  • Q Is the massage pillow powered by a battery (or optional) or just a plug?

    A It can be operated wirelessly, very safe and convenient
  • Q Does it makes loud noise?

    A No, it's quite quiet
  • Q Q:What are the conditions that are not covered by the warranty and cannot be provided free of charge

    A Failure caused by force majeure factors (such as floods, fires, lightning strikes, earthquakes, etc.); 2) Damage caused by human factors, including incorrect use of power, failure to use and keep in accordance with the instructions, incorrect operation, self-property transportation, etc.; 3) Consumables or accessories of the product, such as cloth covers, batteries, etc.; 4) The contents of the product warranty card are inconsistent with the actual warranty products or have been altered; 5) The warranty card issued by the company and the valid invoice cannot be presented; 6) There is no certificate of our company and the serial number parameter label on the product; 7) The product is used for commercial purposes.
  • Q Massage chair is not working how to do?

    1. Please check if the power is plugged in.
    2. Is the child lock closed?
    3. If the power switch on the massage chair is open, check the position of the lock switch on the power connector.
    Failure to do so may result in failure.
  • Q How to maintain the massage chair?

    1. Confirm that the power switch is off and the power plug has been removed from the outlet.
    2. Wipe off the dust and dirt of the massage chair to keep the product clean. Do not place the product in a place with high humidity or direct sunlight.
    3. If you do not use the massage chair for a long time, please cover the product with a dust cover (please make or purchase it yourself) to prevent it from falling into the dust.
  • Q How to prevent the massage chair fabric part from being damaged?

    The massage chair fabric part can be cleaned according to the steps mentioned below.
    1 Dip a soft cloth in water or hot water containing a neutral detergent, wring it well and wipe the fabric part of the machine. Boncare reminds you not to use chemicals such as thinner, benzine, alcohol, etc. to clean the unit.
    2 When the stain is particularly severe, use a brush dipped in a neutral detergent, etc. However, do not use excessive force to scrub the fabric to avoid damage.
    3 Wipe with a cloth soaked in water and thoroughly wrung.
    4 Let it dry naturally.
  • Q What Is A Zero Gravity Chair?


    Let’s get straight to the point. A zero gravity chair is not something that defies the laws of physics. Although the name sounds like it can float in the air but in reality, it

    has nothing to do with it.

    The reason why they are called “Zero Gravity Chair” is that people recline in a position that mimics the exact position of an astronaut during liftoff. You are not going to

    fly off to space though.


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