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  • Q Do you require the Zero Gravity option?

    A This will lower your heart rate, reduce your tension and boost your healthy circulation.Choose more massage power options: The higher the number of motors the chair has, the power it can enforce while providing massage. You should go for more power option, because gradually or in cases, more power would be required.
  • Q Does the chair offer Massage airbags?

    A If you need a powerful relief from stiffness and tension you require this option. Airbags are small pouches that compress the muscles and help stimulate blood flow.
  • Q What are the Massage Positions?

    A Will the chair massage leg, foot, arm, wrist and all vital massage areas?
  • Q What are the Massage Functions?

    A Good chairs will go beyond rolling, tapping, kneading, shiatsu, reflexology, vibration, an all-inclusive menu of pre-programmed functions, heat and even functions like Zero Gravity and Inversion Therapy.
  • Q How to install a chair?

    A The chair is almost assembled, except for some items such as mats and accessories, the assembly is simple, we send the assembly manual.
    If it is the customer's choice, the technician can access the installation chair.
  • Q What should I do after the warranty period?

    A We provide technical support even after the warranty period. Consult about the cost of contacting us.
  • Q Do you have a warranty?

    A Yes, we have a full year warranty.
  • Q Why buy a Boncare extended warranty service?

    · 97.6% of China's household appliances are used longer than the manufacturer's warranty period.

    · The longer and more frequent the life of home appliances, the higher the failure rate.
  • Q What is the warranty period for Boncare products?

    A Under normal circumstances, we massage chair shelf life of one year.
    It is recommended to purchase an extended warranty service if needed.
  • Q Is it really useful to use a massage chair?

    We can first understand the working principle of the lower massage chair. Nowadays, our common massage chair uses mechanical rolling force and mechanical force to massage the body. Through the airbag's clamping body moves up and down to massage, there may be a roller to massage the body's acupuncture points. The two aforementioned methods are the general massage principles of the current massage chair.
    Using mechanical rolling and airbag squeezing in two ways to massage, imitate artificial massage to clear the meridians, so that the blood circulation, so that the body's muscles relaxed, flexible joints, but also eliminate fatigue, has an important role in human health. General home massage chair foot roller will be staggered before and after, the entire foot in the massage range, to achieve a full range of foot wrapped scraping massage roller, to promote the blood flow velocity of the foot, and enhance the body's blood circulation.

    In short, the massage chair has a very significant role in promoting blood circulation and improving back pain in people who work and study for a long time, which is conducive to promoting the body's health.
  • Q Is everyone suitable for a massage chair?

    People who are undergoing treatment or have the following symptoms need to consult a doctor before using the massage chair before using the massage chair.
    (1) People who wear pacemakers or other implantable electronic medical devices are vulnerable to electronic interference and harmful to humans.
    (2) Patients with malignant tumors themselves
    (3) Patients with heart disease
    (4) People who cannot distinguish the temperature
    (5) pregnant women or people who have just completed childbirth
    (6) People with perceptual disorders caused by high levels of peripheral circulatory disorders due to diabetes or other causes
    (7) People with osteoporosis, vertebral fractures, people with sprains or muscle strains
    (8) When massaged, the body is massaged to the injured person
    (9) Persons with a body temperature above 38 °C (having symptoms of fever) (eg, acute inflammatory symptoms (such as flu, chills, or changes in blood pressure, etc.) are intense and weak)
    (10) Persons who must be retired or have significant discomfort
    (11) People with ridge pushing abnormalities or spine bending
    (12) People with intervertebral disc protrusion
    (13) In addition to the above, those who feel particularly unwell
    Well, people who meet the above conditions must pay special attention to it. If you do not consider your own condition and use a massage chair blindly, it is likely to be counterproductive!
  • Q Where is our factory location ?

     ZheJiang Boncare Healthcare Equipment Co.,LTD is located in JinHua ,ZheJiang Province , near Ningbo port 
  • Q What’s the material of your massage chairs?Covering with real leather ?

    A No,we use PU.Compared with real leather,PU has the following three features:high cost performance,without strange flavor and long life(about 5 years).

    And if you want to use real leather,we can also make it.

    Recently,our company is manufacturing with the new material: microfiber.It’s more comfortable and strong than PU.


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